Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sharing you with the Internet, or at least Grandma Jamie

Dear Andrew & Abby,

Today I decided to open this diary so other people can see it. Being a parent, I am of course convinced that you two are the only children in the world who do the hilarious things you do and it is only natural that everyone else would want to know about it. It would be selfish of me to keep that all to myself. Plus, it might be an incentive for me to remember to write here on a regular basis.

I'm not sure how this will go, for now, it's just an experiment. Kind of like your mommy trying to be a Cool Kid. Not that you have to try to do what the cool kids are doing at school just so you fit in and don't feel like a loser. No. Peer pressure is bad. Just say NO. But writing on the Internet might be okay. Just don't write bad things about people that you wouldn't say to their face - unless you're prepared for them to ask you why you wrote bad things about them or fire you from your job over it. Trust me, Mommy reads Dooce - she knows.

Okay, Mommy is rambling. I'm cold and tired (the tired part is only Abby's fault today, by the way. Andrew, much better sleeping last night!!) and have to get to work.

I will write more later. I have a great story to tell on Andrew today about how he got grounded from Yu-Gi-Oh (That's Oh as in Oh-how-mommy-hates-yu-gi-oh)...and Abby learning sleep avoidance tactics from the master (yes, you, Andrew!).

love you,
Mommy (aka MommyBlogger-Wanna-Be)

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