Monday, January 8, 2007

These prison walls can't hold me

Dear Andrew & Abby,

Last night was not a good night. I had intended to type this entry last night after you were both asleep. However, apparently, your dad and I missed the memo about you two sleeping in shifts last night. Abby went to sleep fine at 9pm, but Andrew was up until almost 12:30am - which is when Abby woke up! Girl, you've got to quit the rock-star partying!!! You wrestled with your dad for space in our bed until about 3:30-ish. I'm pretty sure I got more sleep than he did, but we both woke up at that time to the sound of you dragging your fingers across the bars on our headboard - like a convict might drag his tin cup across the metal bars of his cell. Last night, sleep was prison to you and you wanted nothing to do with it. We still don't know why, other than the explanation you sheepishly gave about being afraid of the monster in Andrew's closet. I'm pretty sure you made that up because that's what Andrew said was keeping him up until post-midnight, but who knows. Daddy tried to take you back to your bed after the prison scene, but you screamed for me until I caved and took over. I wasn't sleeping at that point anyway, and was starting to panic that you would wake up Andrew, thus beginning the next sleep/awake shift. I told your dad that there was no point in us both being awake. Once I went in, you calmed down and started to fall asleep. After several minutes of the post-traumatic hiccup sobbing, I think you passed out. It's hard to know for sure because I think I beat you to it. Needless to say, your daddy and I are going to have a hard time at work today.

What I really wanted to talk about was this weekend. Abby, you won your very first game - Go Fish! It is so much fun to see you play a game and start to understand how it all works. Lately, one of your favorite expressions is "That's not fair!" - such as when I tell you it's bed time, or you have to wear your coat, or it's time for dinner...all very unfair things of me to demand. But you played the game without complaining when your turn didn't go well, and you were a very gracious winner. I think Andrew is also excited that you are now old enough to play games with him because Mommy and Daddy could never play enough board or card games with your brother to satisfy him. Be prepared for marathon Monopoly Jr. sessions in your future!

Andrew, this weekend I read to you a little of what I have already typed here in this diary. Your response was to write me a letter back. You typed it on the computer, just like my letter to you, and I totally did not expect that, but I loved it. Here is what you typed:

Dear Mom.
Thank you for the letter.The Christmas tree is cool it is almost Abby’sbirthday so be happy! We should make a cake for Harry’s birthday. We should be very, very, very, very happy. The Christmas tree looks nice. It was fun at the Hammerle’s my favorite ornament is Mater and Lightning McQueen. My favorite game is swipe. I love you Mom!!!!

You guys are awesome. But you seriously have to figure out this whole sleeping thing. Soon.


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