Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy New You!

Dear Andrew & Abby,

So now on to the fun stuff. The stuff I want to hurry and get out of my head before I forget.

Here are a couple of the things you've been doing over the last few weeks that made it completely clear that I have to start getting this stuff documented somewhere before I get old and forget, you get old and don't do all these cute things anymore, or for those days when you aren't actually acting all that cute and I need a reminder...

1. Abby, When we asked you a few weeks ago what you wanted Santa to bring you for Christmas, my favorite answer was "big hands like Mommy and Daddy." Just last night, you came up to me holding out your little hands and told me that Santa didn't bring you big hands. It made me laugh and broke my heart all at the same time. And it makes me wonder what it was that you couldn't pick up or hold or reach the way you wanted that made you want those hands. Whatever it was, I will be happy to help you, just yell for me.

2. Andrew, yesterday, you packed up my lunch. I gave you the things to put in it, and you put it all together for me. I had a pudding and a yogurt, and you made sure to put one spoon in for each item. You told me that you did it so that I wouldn't have to lick or wipe off the spoon in between each thing. It was one of those moments when I think you must be the absolute sweetest boy in the whole world - no other boy could possibly be that thoughtful. And then I felt a little inadequate because just the day before, I had packed your lunch with a pudding and a fruit cup, and I only packed one spoon. I am so sorry! I will work hard to be a better mommy from now on.

3, 4, and 5. New Year's Eve
Both of you were such a blast at Hammerle's house for New Year's Eve. Andrew, I love that after you had played games on their computer for a while, you made the decision to "take a break" because your hand was tired from using the mouse - and also I think because you were bored and lonely. You never went back to the video/computer games because you were having too much fun dancing with Abby and Sara and playing board games with everyone. I love that you are not addicted to "screens" like so many other kids your age. I fear that this ambivalence may not last, but I am taking pleasure in it while I can.

Speaking of dancing, the dance you both did with Sara was seriously the highlight of my night. I know I must be old, because I couldn't have cared less what was happening in Times Square when we had front row seats for your Naked Mole Rap dance. I am so glad I got a little of it on video and I definitely plan to hold on to that bit of evidence to use against you both later in life. If either of you become famous, expect to see a clip of that performance on one of those "How We Knew He/She Would One Day Be On Stage" segments. And yes, it will be the part where you both do the splits.

And then there was Abby's wish for us all at midnight - yes, you both made it to midnight; well past midnight in fact. At midnight, when we all yelled "Happy New Year!" Abby greeted us all with "Happy New You!" and continued to wish us happy new selves all the next day. Considering that so many resolutions (including Mommy's) have to do with improving health and wellness, I think it is an entirely appropriate thing to say, and I may adopt it for myself for next year.

Okay, that's enough for today. I don't want you to think all your mommy has time for is gushing about the two of you and how cute and wonderful you are. But you are cute and wonderful. The cutest and the wonderfulest

snuggles and cuddles,

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