Thursday, February 1, 2007

SnuggleFest '07

Dear Andrew & Abby,

Today, we were running late leaving the house. Again. As usual. Normally, this would cause great frustration and most likely some yelling from Mommy. But today, I didn't really mind.

I started out pretty tired, so I didn't get up early enough to walk on the treadmill - I will have to be good and do that when I get home tonight. When I went to check on Abby, she was awake but not ready to get up. I laid down next to her for a minute and when I said I was getting up to do the rest of my exercises (it's just a few push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches), she threw her arm around my neck and told me to "Lay back down!" She said she wanted to snuggle. Well, how can I say no to that?! So we snuggled for a few more minutes. And I tried to get up again - I really did plan to do my push-ups and sit-ups. Really, I did. But Abby pushed me down again. Okay, so maybe I didn't resist too much...

I called for help from Daddy and his answer was to bring Andrew in and put him in bed with us. He was totally (see, I did it again! No wonder Abby says it all the time!!) on board with the snuggling today, too. Pretty soon, I tried to get serious about getting up - it was getting late, after all. But that's when you two kicked into high gear. You SAT ON ME to keep me from getting up and then told me to do my push-ups like that. I tried, but laying on a bed with a 30+ pound weight on your back (Abby) and a 50+ pound weight on your butt (Andrew - who has a bony little tushy!) is not the best position for doing effective push-ups.

Eventually, I managed to slide out from under you and run away to take my shower. The rest of the morning went pretty much like all of our other weekdays. This is what I sound like:

"Abby, get your shoes. Andrew, do you have your shoes on yet? Did you get your backpack? Is your homework in your folder? Is your folder inside your backpack? Abby, come here so I can brush your hair. No, come here. You have to have your hair brushed! Do you have a baby and a blanket to nap with? C'mon, let's go!"

Sometimes I yell, but today, I stayed pretty calm MOST of the time. It's hard to be too grumpy with a morning snuggle still keeping my heart warm.


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