Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white...Valentine's Day

Dear Andrew & Abby,

Today was our second day of being snowed in together. We got about 15 inches of snow altogether, and some of the drifts were several feet high. Here is a picture of the front of our house. The drift by the front door is almost four feet tall!

We were outside for a while playing a little and shoveling. Here's Abby helping Daddy with the driveway (she's using a broom to sweep it up):

And here is Andrew on the biggest "King Tower":

He said all the really tall ones were his King Towers, and the smaller ones were for Abby. You two had fun tromping through all the snow, but it was pretty hard to walk. We tried to make more snow angels, but it was so deep that it was really hard to get back up after we made the angels, so they didn't turn out very well. I thought you would want to build a snowman or dig tunnels in all the snow, but I think you both were just too cold. It was only about 20 degrees at the warmest today.

Since it's Valentine's Day, Mommy even helped Daddy shovel. I thought it was only fair to help since he shoveled so much yesterday. Here is what Mommy shoveled:

Isn't it pretty! Can you see the big wall of snow next to the sidewalk? Wow, that is a LOT of snow! Here's what Daddy did:

The whole driveway!! I helped a little on the side, and I did some of the front sidewalk, but Daddy really did most of the work. He's very strong. He used the big shovel. I didn't like the big shovel because it got pretty heavy with all of that snow and Mommy is not nearly as strong as Daddy. I used your shovel. Unfortunately, your shovel didn't quite make it:

Notice the handle is gone, and the corner of the shovel is broken off. It's all for the best, though, because you two fought a lot over who got to use the shovel. This way, neither one of you really wants to use the broken shovel. We'll get you two new snow shovels, though, just as soon as they are back in stock in any store any where. Since I think this snow is going to be around for a while, and we're supposed to get a little more on Friday, you may have to wait a while.

I hope you both had a nice Valentine's Day being snowed in with Mommy & Daddy. We didn't do too much that was exciting, but it was a nice family day. I was a little sad that you didn't want to make mini-pizzas in Andrew's Real Meal Oven or build cushion forts with me (Mommy & Abby's nap didn't help with our planning much, though). But I'm sure there will be other times for fun. It was pretty nice to have some down time, too. Abby even sat on my lap to watch a Signing Time video.

When you two are happy and playing together or cuddling with me, those are about the best times on Earth. I try hard to remember that when you're fighting with each other or fighting me at bedtime. But even then, I love you oodles and bunches. You are my little Sparky Joe and Sweetness, and I am the Mommy who loves you.

Happy Valentine's Day



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Rachel Coleman said...

Did you happen to watch the Signing Time that teaches "SNOW"? Looks like you made the most of the interesting weather. Thanks for sharing about Signing Time! Here is the Valentine's greeting we sent out yesterday in our newsletter.