Friday, February 2, 2007

And the award goes to...

Dear Andrew & Abby,

Abby is a drama queen. There's no simple way around it. I've known this was coming for a while. The last few weeks have seen an increase in the dramatic tears and tantrums. But this morning Abby might just have won the award for Most Dramatic Loss of a Spoon.

It all started with your morning oatmeal and the Blue's Clues spoon. It has a Blue's Clues blue rubbery handle. Granted, it's a cute spoon and all, but it's a SPOON. I wasn't in the kitchen when the spoons were selected, so I honestly can't say how the problem began. All I know is that Abby came into the bathroom while I was still in the shower crying and wailing about the blue spoon. I misunderstood the issue and told Andrew to get the other blue spoon (it has a darker, not rubbery, but still blue handle), thinking that it would solve the problem. You were both back minutes later. This time, I figured out what was really going on. Andrew had the Blue's Clues spoon. And Abby wanted it.

I have to stop here to apologize to Andrew. Over the last couple of months, Abby has developed a very strong - and loud - will. She throws fits like Andrew never did. Because Andrew doesn't do that, Daddy and I have a tendency to find the fastest way to make the noise stop, and that often includes giving Abby what she wants, even if it means taking that something away from Andrew or making Andrew compromise enough to convince Abby she is getting her way. That's not fair to Andrew. I have been trying to stop myself from doing this. Both because it is unfair to Andrew and because it's not doing Abby any favors in the long run, either. Obviously.

So this morning, a large part of me wanted to just tell Andrew to give Abby the spoon already. It's just a spoon, for crying out loud! But for once, the smarter mom inside of me stood up and said, yes, it's only a spoon, but it's not about that - it's about making Andrew give in, and it's not fair. I offered some options to Abby, none of which she was interested in. Finally, I told her that she could wait until Andrew was done eating his oatmeal and that I would wash the spoon for her. So she waited - right next to Andrew, screaming and crying the entire time. Here is Andrew eating his oatmeal with the Blue's Clues spoon:

I tried to get Abby in the picture to show the drama, but she ran away. Here she is checking the spoon drawer to see if another Blue's Clues spoon has appeared and running away when she discovered that a) there was still no second BC spoon, and b) Mommy was trying to take her picture:

And here she is after waiting for Andrew to finish and Mommy to wash the spoon so she could eat her cold oatmeal:

Notice the drama has passed as quickly as it began. All is right with the world, and it's even okay to take her picture now. Abby, start practicing this now: "I'd like to thank the Academy..."


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