Saturday, February 10, 2007

Should I start looking for a 12-step program now?

Dear Andrew and Abby,

I have created a monster. I don't know how I did it. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I'm sure it is my fault. Andrew and Daddy went to a Pacers game the other night, so Abby and I had a night for just the girls. I asked her what she wanted to do on our night together. And she said...are you ready?


Oh, no! How did this happen?! I don't think Mommy is really a shopping fiend or anything. I don't go out buying new clothes every weekend. But we have been looking for clothes for Abby a lot lately. First there was Christmas. And then her birthday. And there's this sudden growing thing she's been doing. So very often when we go to a store, I check out the good sales, and very often lately, I've ended up buying clothes for Abby. Somehow, she STILL doesn't seem to have enough pants, though! At any rate, since Abby wanted to go shopping, that's what we did. How could I say no? First we went to dinner at "the apple place" (that's Applebee's). Then we headed to Kohl's - such good and affordable kids' clothes, plus a big big sale every weekend! And yes, Abby did end up with a bunch of new clothes, and a new pair of tennis shoes. But seriously - those sweatshirts were $3.60!!! And as for the shoes - well, she was wearing size 7's, but I bought size 9's. I think those were a necessity. And one more nail in the coffin of my hopes for Mother-of-the-Year.

Today, we went to lunch with the Girls - that's Mommy's friends. We met at the downtown mall for lunch. I had plans to stop at the Gymboree and exchange something for a bigger size - again with the growing. And when I mentioned it to Abby, she was all about it. She wanted to go shopping. So we did. First to the Colts store to get Valentine's gifts for Daddy. Then we attempted to go to Gymboree. That would have been great except the Circle Center Mall CLOSED Gymboree. So we walked and went in a couple more stores. When it was time to leave - without any clothing purchases for Abby - she was not ready. She wanted more shopping. More stores. If she hadn't fallen asleep ten minutes after we were in the van, I think we might have been in for a fight.

Daddy left a little while ago to pick up a few things from Wal-Mart. Abby's last command to him was that she needs pants. I am thinking about picking up a second job now to start planning for Abby's teenage years...


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