Friday, March 30, 2007

Because I said so!

Dear Andrew & Abby,

This is Mommy's list of Things That Must Stop Immediately:

  1. "Is it hot in here..." (Yes, I know Daddy does it, too. But he's bigger than me and you're not. So stop it.)
  2. Accidentally-on-purpose wetting the bed while you are still awake but trying to prolong the torture of sleep.
  3. Encouraging your sister to be the one to go ask for another drink of water or to come and climb in your bed after you've both been told No more getting up!
  4. All. The. Spilling. How do you manage to make even just spilled water sticky?!
  5. All allergic, lethargic, dramatic, and horrific responses to bedtimes and baths.
  6. The tunnel-vision request for nothing but macaroni and cheese to eat. I'm afraid that if I told you that you will turn in to a macaroni noodle if you don't eat something else, it would only supply you with a new goal for which to strive.
  7. The cutting. Yesterday, Daddy found the Discover card bill cut into a few pieces. Of course, he blamed Mommy for trying to hide those new purchases. Maybe you were trying to do Mommy a favor, but this must stop. Or at least do a better job of cleaning up all the evidence.
  8. Getting up no later than 6:30am on Saturdays - the ONLY day we don't have to get up early - and resisting all attempts to pull you to the land of the awake before 7:30am on any other day (when you are supposed to be up at 6:30).
  9. The pre-adolescent response of "GAWD!!" to any request, demand, or reprimand delivered by your parental units. And yes, Abby, this means you, too.
  10. Being so stinking cute that I forgive you for all of the above and so much more.

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